UIPS - FRONT Mission Statement

Mission Statement

United International Private School is a dynamic educational institution that subscribes to a holistic development of mind and body through Academic Excellence, Quality Performance, Uncompromising service, Respect for Human Values and Principles, Fervent Love of God, Country, Family, and Fellowmen.
Philosophy Statement

The school believes that education is a process of growth by which a person learns, thinks and acts rationally and effectively. It is committed to the provision of quality education to students,  giving them the opportunity to develop and master basic skills attitudes, and desired values must be made available to each other learner according to his own pace and ability. Also, the respect for race, culture, religion, physical stature and social status of individuals from different countries must be developed by each learner. The school is convinced on the collaboration of home environment, community, and the school is the most important institutions wherein the body, the mind and the character of the youth could be fully matured.



Sixteenth years of noble commitment from its naissance to development, the United International Private School (UIPS) today is now one of the renowned accredited Filipino schools in United Arab Emirates. It is the first and only Filipino school in Dubai, who has put into practice the teachings of Filipino curriculums and in view of its values. The school is a child friendly environment and upholds students’ optimum learning potentials to become disciplined and educated individuals.

A lot of improvements have been continuously made throughout the years especially in upgrading the courses offered and in its physical facilities like filling in new books for the school library, repainting of classrooms and offices, construction of cemented pavement along the campus, and etc., With its mission of pursuing academic excellence, the United International Private School still vigorously continues its noble commitment towards quality education.




" United International Private School
Its Naissance and Continuous Development"

The year was 1992, when UIPS emerged from its early inception to a renowned accredited Filipino school in Dubai, UAE. The inspiration of creating a Filipino school in Dubai was originated from Col. Mohammad Al Hersh and Dr. Mohammed Al Neyadi who shares both great visions towards providing quality education and to meet the demand of a burgeoning Filipino community in Dubai, and the neighboring emirate, Sharjah.  The goal at first, was for the school to cater only to children of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW's) formerly known as Overseas Contract Workers (OCW's), A "School Away-From-Home" for Filipino children but because some Filipinos  who resides in Dubai are married to other nationalities, like Indians, Pakistanis, Iranians and British the school decided to caters an “International Flavoring" of students.

UIPS began its operation on September 1, 1992 with Col. Al Hersh and Dr. Neyadi, both respectable and well educated gentlemen who are involved in the formulation and implementation of the initial school regulations.  Later that year, Col. Al Hersh entrusted solely the responsibility of managing the school to Dr. Neyadi who is also adept in education management, with the insurmountable service support of former Assistant Managing Director Ms. Letty Samuel.

The maiden sailing of UIPS went roughly with about 125 enrollees in its roster, with 20 faculty and staff.   UIPS was first housed in a two decent villas in the Garhoud Area Dubai, UAE. In the same year a school hymn and a school prayer was composed by the joint efforts of the pioneer teachers who looked up to God for inspiration. The first graduates numbered to 8 students in High School, 5 students in Grade 6, and 25 students in Kindergarten.   

Another new villa near Garhoud area was rented to accommodate the escalating number of Kindergarten pupils during the second year of its operation. In addition, five additional teachers where employed.

On its third year in 1994, the school population has reached to 250 students. The students then take pleasure in learning even if the presence of the playground is inadequate in the two towering white villas of new Garhoud location.  

Because of continuous growing population of the school in 1997, the management and its staff took the efforts in finding a convenient re-location for the school, a place suitable for students learning and its school activities. Fortunately, the Al Diyafah School in Satwa, already over-crowded with its bursting population at the time shifted to their new building, not far from the same area.  UIPS took over the premises and re-furnished the school facilities for the learning convenience of 400 students during that time.  Also, a new educational management was instigated.

On its seventh year of operation, with a population that jumped to more than 500 students, the former principal, Ms. Lolita A. Irong, decided to initiate accreditation proceedings. She filed with the Department of Education, Culture & Sports  ( Now known as Department of Education - DepEd ), in Manila, Philippines, an application for permit to operate Filipino schools overseas, a first step to full Philippine government recognition. DECS former officials, Under-Secretary of Private Education, Atty. Emmanuel Mariano, Dr. Lolita Andrada, and CFO representative Dir. Rona Magno came for the school ocular inspection. The Government Permit No. 001 S. 1999 was granted to UIPS February 22, 1999, signed by Dr. Andrew Gonzales, FSC, Secretary of DECS, Manila Philippines recognizing UIPS as the first Filipino school in Dubai, UAE.

The following year, because of progressively increasing student residents of the school and to give them more secure facilities & better services, the management has decided not to rent another villa but to build now their own buildings, a child friendly environment school located at Al Quasis Muhaisnah 4, Dubai.

Today, students of UIPS enthusiastically enjoy its new school buildings, more secure and suitable place for their learning development. UIPS has definitely gone far form its maiden journey and still carry out its mission of pursuing academic excellence by vigorously continuing its noble commitment towards quality education to produce committed and disciplined individuals who have reached their optimum learning potentials.





Almighty God.
We adore Your Greatness and Glory
You are our Creator. Provider and Protector
We humbly request Your continuous blessings
To the Administrators, Faculty and Students
of the United International Private School.
Enlighten and strengthen us
to withstand all trials and difficulties
In our teaching-learning undertakings
Guide and direct us always in our search for truth
May we value the dignity and the individuality of each person
And that the knowledge we gain each day
will be all for Your greater Honor and glory.




With you we wave your colors
Maroon and White, the pride of the Filipinos
In Dubai, we pledge loyalty to you
To you we owe our knowledge
Self-confidence and strength
With every effort we undertake
With every step we take
With God, UIPS
You're behind us in everywhere
Alma Mater faithful and true
We pledge our dedication, loyalty to you
With pride we stand and
say to all UIPS,
UIPS with you we're one and all

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